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Our Philosophy

Are you tired of paying thousands of dollars to introduction agencies to meet a lucky dip of women? We've created a high quality travel companion company where we carefully select the ladies who are available for you. Our selected ladies must reach our criteria to be accepted. This means you will only meet intelligent, educated, elegant and well mannered ladies who are fit and naturally beautiful. Your small access fee is to protect these women's privacy. It's as easy as 1-2-3! Join - Browse - Invite As a Member, you can browse the galleries of lovely ladies who have successfully joined us. When you find one you like, simply send an invitation. We'll check her availability for the dates you request, and if she's available to join you, we'll let you know. At that point, you pay a small fee for her contact details. No thousands of dollars to meet someone. Just a small fee, which we use to cover admin costs and promotion. Any gift or compensation goes directly to the lady, and you make arrangements between you. No more mediocre agencies, no more incompetent arrangements or mistakes. You have full control of exactly who you meet, and how your travel date progresses. All the ladies' applications are carefully screened, and she must meet our criteria before being listed with us as an elite travel companion. All our women's profiles are 100% genuine and current. We hope you enjoy the freedom of our concept, and the wonderful happy moments of meeting incredible women for dating! Perhaps one will be your dream woman :) - Select Engagements Management

How We Work

Become a member

Your small Member access fee is to protect these women's privacy. We must of course have a sign up Member environment for everyone's confidentiality, and for security. We do not keep records, however we need to know who is requesting the lady's details, for her to accept or decline. It's a small price to pay for access to a portal with hundreds of potential dates for your business, dinner and travel occasions.

Browse our portfolio

We have hundreds of beautiful women who are available with a little notice, to join you for dinner or on a fun trip somewhere exciting. Your Membership allows you access to all the ladies profiles, to view their images, profile outline and preferences. We are extremely selective, and all the ladies who apply must meet our criteria to be accepted as a potential travel companion for you. You'll have the option of filtering and browsing through profiles of women who will suit your ideal. All the ladies' applications are carefully screened, and she must meet our criteria before being listed with us as an elite travel companion. All our women's profiles are 100% genuine and current. You will have a very clear idea of who you're going to be contacting, when you decide to invite a lady to join you, and receive her contact details. Don't be disappointed, join Select Engagements and meet a model, flight attendant, career professional or businesswoman who will make your trip, dinner or social event unforgettable.

Send an Invitation

When you find a woman (or women) you'd like to contact and get to know better, simply click on the 'Invite' button on her profile page. We will receive your invitation and contact the lady to let her know of your invitation, and inquire after her availability. There is no payment for this. If the lady is unavailable, we'll let you know, and you can choose to wait for her, or select another lady you'd like to consider meeting. Assuming your ideal choice is available, we will let you know, and you can settle your account in order to acquire her personal contact details. You can contact us again any time you want to meet a new lady, or you can meet that same lady anytime, without contacting us again. There is no obligation, no pressure.

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