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Not ALL rules are meant to be broken.

As the travel sponsor, there are some common sense obligation you should adhere to, to ensure a smooth and drama-free experience. Please understand that the majority of travel companions will request an allowance for their time. They are all busy women, and while they love meeting new people and traveling, they still have bills to pay. This provides the beautiful travel girl with spending money and/ or compensation for loss of earnings while in your company as your guest. If an allowance is requested by your female travel companion, as the travel sponsor you must request her banking information within the first few days of making contact, in order to settle that allowance. Please be aware that delaying this may lead to your companion to consider your invitation unconfirmed. She could even possibly make other personal arrangements for those dates, and be unavailable. Any allowance requests should be met before you are due to travel together, never after the trip. The ladies will not attend without her allowance being made available to her. If this is your first date together, providing 50% of the allowance in advance is acceptable. The remainder should be transferred upon meeting. However this is not ideal, as she will then have the awkward experience of asking for payment on arrival. Not very tasteful. Settling upfront means you can relax and get to know each other without added awkwardness. Do not attempt to negotiate your companion's allowance or spending money request, if they are clearly stated on her profile. It is an advance agreement that is not negotiable. When you send an invitation, you agree to the lady's terms and requests. All travel and trip expenses are the responsibility of You the travel sponsor, including: - all transportation, - appropriate accommodation, - excursions or events, - entertainment, - food & beverages. Gentlemanly conduct goes a long way. Treat your date with respect and she will treat you with respect. Communication is very important. Be very clear about what you expect, plans you have made, what she enjoys, and how the date will unfold in terms of meeting places, accommodation etc. Any misunderstandings can always be cleared with calm, respectful communication. None of our ladies have ever not shown up for a date. If that were to ever occur, we would contact the lady to return your allowance gift, and remove her from our website as a travel date. Your invitation fee would be available to be used for a different lady.